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Office Cleaning

Commercial / Constructional

  • Cleaning/disinfecting of desk and office area

  • Proper cleaning of cupboards and storage areas

  • Disinfecting of toilet area and floors

  • Wiping of walls in the toilet area

  • Wiping of outer sink area and toilet paper holder

  • Garbage removal and wiping garbage can wipe of baseboards

  • We can also clean your carpets for you

  • Disinfecting Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

Commercial / Constructional

  • Wiping of counters

  • Cleaning of cupboards and under the sing storage area

  • Scrubbing of oven and kitchen appliances

  • Cleaning of both inner and outer fridge area

  • Sweeping and mopping of floors

  • Garbage removal and swipe-down of garbage cans and

  • If you have dishes in the sink, we will gladly do them for you


Lounge Cleaning

Commercial / Constructional

  • Vacuuming/sweeping/mopping of living area

  • Wiping of the entertainment unit

  • Dusting and proper cleaning of deco items

  • Wiping of entire coffee tables and side table

  • Wiping of base boards

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